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Title Artist Genre Year
New SoulYael Naim  
Love WillYakoo Boyz  
Pipe DreamzYakoo Boyz  
All Things ConsideredYankee Grey  
Another Nine MinutesYankee Grey  
This Time AroundYankee Grey  
UntamedYankee Grey  
A Love For LifeYanniEasy Listening1992
A Nignt To RememberYanniEasy Listening1992
A Word In PrivateYanniEasy Listening1990
Adagio In C MinorYanniEasy Listening1997
After The SunriseYanniEasy Listening 
AriaYanniEasy Listening 
Dance With A StrangerYanniEasy Listening 
DeliveranceYanniEasy Listening1997
Face In The PhotographYanniEasy Listening 
Flight Of FantasyYanniEasy Listening 
Forgotten YesterdaysYanniEasy Listening 
Keys To ImaginationYanniEasy Listening 
Love Is AllYanniEasy Listening 
Marching SeasonYanniEasy Listening 
Nice To Meet YouYanniEasy Listening 
NightingaleYanniEasy Listening 
Niki Nana (We're One)YanniEasy Listening 
Once Upon A TimeYanniEasy Listening 
Only A MemoryYanniEasy Listening 
Point Of OriginYanniEasy Listening 
PreludeYanniEasy Listening 
Reflections Of PassionYanniEasy Listening 
RenegadeYanniEasy Listening 
SantotiniYanniEasy Listening 
Song For AntarcticaYanniEasy Listening 
Southern ExposureYanniEasy Listening 
The End Of AugustYanniEasy Listening 
The Flame WithinYanniEasy Listening 
The MagusYanniEasy Listening 
To Take... To HoldYanniEasy Listening 
To The One Who KnowsYanniEasy Listening 
TributeYanniEasy Listening 
True NatureYanniEasy Listening 
TwilightYanniEasy Listening 
Until The Last MomentYanniEasy Listening 
Waltz In 7 8YanniEasy Listening 
Within AttractionYanniEasy Listening 
For Your LoveYardbirdsRock 
Happenings Ten Years Time AgoYardbirdsRock 
Heart Full Of SoulYardbirdsRock 
Over Under Sideways DownYardbirdsRock 
Shapes Of ThingsYardbirdsRock 
Stroll OnYardbirdsRock 


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