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Title Artist Genre Year
The Devil Is BadW's  
Don't StopWade Hayes  
Goodbye Is The Wrong Way To GoWade Hayes  
How Do You Sleep At NightWade Hayes  
I'm Still Dancing With YouWade Hayes  
It's Over My HeadWade Hayes  
On A Good NightWade Hayes  
The Day She Left TulsaWade Hayes  
Tore Up From The Floor UpWade Hayes  
Up North (Down South, Back East, Out West)Wade Hayes  
What I Meant To SayWade Hayes  
What's It Gonna TakeWade Hayes  
When The Wrong One Loves You RightWade Hayes  
Where Do I Go To Start All OverWade Hayes  
Wichita LinemanWade Hayes  
Sweet MaryWadsworth Mansion  
Bridal ChorusWagner  
Ride Of The ValkyriesWagner  
Tall Cool OneWailers  
Christmas WrappingWaitresses  
I Know What Boys LikeWaitresses  
Grove St. PartyWaka Flocka Flame  
Hard In Da PaintWaka Flocka Flame  
No HandsWaka Flocka Flame Ft. Roscoe Dash And Wale  
The Jazz JuryWake Up  
C'mon BabyWakefield  
All Empires FallWaking Eyes  
Beginning (Anything You Wanna Do)Waking Eyes  
Keeps Me Coming BackWaking Eyes  
On A TrainWaking Eyes  


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