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Title Artist Genre Year
Love StruckV Factory  
Shark In The WaterV V Brown  
Get SillyV.I.C.  
Say BowV.I.C. Ft. J. Futuristic  
Do You Think You're Ready?V.I.P.  
Just My LuckV.I.P.  
Post Break-Up SexVaccines  
Rock 'N' Roll SongValdy  
Space BetweenValencia  
Ooh La LaValeria  
Girl I Told YouValeria Ft. Aria  
A-PunkVampire Weekend  
CousinsVampire Weekend  
HolidayVampire Weekend  
Oxford CommaVampire Weekend  
1984Van HalenRock 
316Van HalenRock 
5150Van HalenRock 
A Apolitical BluesVan HalenRock 
A.F.U. (Naturally Wired)Van HalenRock 
AftershockVan HalenRock 
Ain't Talkin' 'Bout LoveVan HalenRock 
AmsterdamVan HalenRock 
And The Cradle Will Rock...Van HalenRock 
Atomic PunkVan HalenRock 
Ballot Or The BulletVan HalenRock 
BaluchitheriumVan HalenRock 
Beautiful GirlsVan HalenRock 
Best Of Both WorldsVan HalenRock 
Big Bad Bill (Is Sweet William Now)Van HalenRock 
Big Fat MoneyVan HalenRock 
Black And BlueVan HalenRock 
Bottoms Up!Van HalenRock 
Cabo WaboVan HalenRock 
Can't Get This Stuff No MoreVan HalenRock 
Can't Stop Lovin' YouVan HalenRock 
CathedralVan HalenRock 
Could This Be MagicVan HalenRock 
D.O.A.Van HalenRock 
Dance The Night AwayVan HalenRock 
Dancing In The StreetVan HalenRock 
Dirty MoviesVan HalenRock 
Dirty Water DogVan HalenRock 
Doin' TimeVan HalenRock 
Don't Tell Me (What Love Can Do)Van HalenRock 
DreamsVan HalenRock 
Drop Dead LegsVan HalenRock 
EruptionVan HalenRock 
Everybody Wants Some!!Van HalenRock 


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