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Title Artist Genre Year
U + Ur HandPink 2007
U Already Know112 2005
U Already Know112R&B/Soul 
U And DatE-40  
U And DatE-40 Featuring T-Pain & Kandi Girl 2006
U And DatE-40 Ft. Tpain  
U And MeLl Cool J Ft. Kelly PriceHip Hop/Rap 
U And Ur HandPinkRock 
U Can Have It AllJrdn  
U Can't Touch ThisCrazy Frog  
U Can't Touch ThisM.C. Hammer  
U Can't Touch ThisMC Hammer 1990
U Don t Hear Me ThoRodney O 1993
U Don t Know Me (Like U Used To)Brandy 1999
U Don t Love MeKumbia Kings Featuring A.B. Quintanilla 2000
U Don't Have To CallUsher 2002
U Don't Have To CallUsherHip Hop/Rap 
U Don't Know MeArmand Van Helden  
U Don't Know MeT.I.  
U Don't Know MeT.I. 2005
U Don't Love MeKumbia Kings  
U Drive Me CrazyWaldo's People  
U Got Da Feelin'Beat Freakz  
U Got ItCleopatra  
U Got It BadUsher 2001
U Got It BadUsherHip Hop/Rap 
U Got MePara-Beats Ft. Carmen Reece  
U Got The LookPrinceRock 
U KnowSmilez And Soutstar  
U Know What's UpDonell Jones 1999


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