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Title Artist Genre Year
No Matter What ShapeT Bones  
At MidnightT Connection  
Chopped N ScrewedT Pain  
No Time To WasteT Spoon  
I'm In Luv (With A Dancer)T-PainHip Hop/Rap 
I'm SprungT-PainHip Hop/Rap 
Reverse CowgirlT-PainHip Hop/Rap 
Studio LuvT-PainHip Hop/Rap 
Take Your Shirt OffT-PainHip Hop/Rap 
BartenderT-Pain Ft. AkonHip Hop/Rap 
Best Love SongT-Pain Ft. Chris BrownHip Hop/Rap 
FreezeT-Pain Ft. Chris BrownHip Hop/Rap 
Can't Believe ItT-Pain Ft. L'il WayneHip Hop/Rap 
I'm In Luv (Wit A Stripper)T-Pain Ft. Mike JonesHip Hop/Rap 
Rap SongT-Pain Ft. Rick RossHip Hop/Rap 
ChurchT-Pain Ft. Teddy VersetiHip Hop/Rap 
Buy U A DrankT-Pain Ft. Yung JocHip Hop/Rap 
Sex On The BeachT-Spoon  
Happy Ever AfterT. Graham Brown  
Memphis Women And ChickenT. Graham Brown  
Never In A Million TearsT. Graham Brown  
Bang A Gong (Get It On)T. RexRock 
All About UsT.A.T.U.  
All The Things She SaidT.A.T.U.  
Friend Or FoeT.A.T.U.  
Not Gonna Get UsT.A.T.U.  
Let Me See Your UnderwearT.H.E.M. Thee Human Ego Maniacs  
Big Things Poppin'T.I.  
Bring Em OutT.I.  
Go Get ItT.I.  
Hell Of A LifeT.I.  
I'm BackT.I.  
Let's Get AwayT.I.  
No Matter WhatT.I.  
Rubberband ManT.I.  
Top BackT.I.  
Trip Back JumpinT.I.  
U Don't Know MeT.I.  
What Up, What's HappeninT.I.  
What You KnowT.I.  
Whatever You LikeT.I.  
Why You WannaT.I.  
Ya Hear MeT.I.  
Yeah Ya Know (Takers)T.I.  
Get Back UpT.I. Ft. Chris Brown  
Dead And GoneT.I. Ft. Justin Timberlake  
Got Your BackT.I. Ft. Keri Hilson  
Remember MeT.I. Ft. Mary J. Blige  
Pledge Alligiance To The SwagT.I. Ft. Rick Ross  
Live Your LifeT.I. Ft. Rihanna  


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