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Title Artist Genre Year
Gettin' UpQ Tip  
Breathe And StopQ-Tip  
Breathe And StopQ-Tip 2000
Let's RideQ-Tip  
Vivrant ThingQ-Tip  
Vivrant ThingQ-Tip 1999
Life Is BetterQ-Tip Ft. Norah Jones  
Oochie WallyQB Finest Featuring Nas And Braveheart's 2001
Oochie WallyQb's Finest Ft. Nas  
I'm Scared, You're ScaredQkumba Zoo  
The Child (Inside)Qkumba Zoo 1996
C'mon N' Ride It (The Train)Quad City DJ's 1996
C'mon'n Ride It (The Train)Quad City Dj's  
Let's Do ItQuad City Dj's  
Space JamQuad City Dj's  
Space Jam (From Space Jam)Quad City DJ's 1996
Summer JamQuad City Dj's  
I Changed My MindQuannum  
Mr. JinxQuarashi  
Stick 'em UpQuarashi  
Find Another FoolQuarterflash 1982
Harden My HeartQuarterflash  
Harden My HeartQuarterflash 1981
Night ShiftQuarterflash 1982
Right Kind Of LoveQuarterflash 1982
Take Another PictureQuarterflash 1983
Take Me To HeartQuarterflash 1983
Talk To MeQuarterflash 1985
WitnessQue And Malaika  


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