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Title Artist Genre Year
A Thin Line Between Love And HateH-Town  
Knockin' Da BootsH-Town  
Natural WomanH-Town  
They Like It SlowH-Town  
Rock My HeartHaddawayDisco 
What Is LoveHaddawayDisco 
The HomecomingHagood HardyEasy Listening 
RunawayHail The Villain  
Take Back The FearHail The Villain  
Don't Save MeHaim  
Love Plus OneHaircut 100  
WeekendHaji And Emmanuel  
Small Town Saturday NightHal KetchamCountry 
Five O'Clock WorldHal KetchumCountry 
Hang In There SupermanHal KetchumCountry 
Hearts Are Gonna RollHal KetchumCountry 
I Know Where Love LivesHal KetchumCountry 
Just This Side Of Heaven (Hal-Lelujah)Hal KetchumCountry 
Mama Knows The HighwayHal KetchumCountry 
My Love Will Not ChangeHal KetchumCountry 
Past The Point Of RescueHal KetchumCountry 
She IsHal KetchumCountry 
Someplace Far AwayHal KetchumCountry 
Stay ForeverHal KetchumCountry 
Sure LoveHal KetchumCountry 
In Front Of The AlamoHal Ketchum Ft. Leann RimesCountry 
Bet U Wish U Had Me BackHalestorm  
I Get OffHalestorm  
It's Not YouHalestorm  
Familiar Taste Of PoisonHalestrom  
Keep DrivinHaley Sales  
What You WantHaley Sales  
GreetingsHalf Pint  
DaisyHalfway To Hazard  
Devil And The CrossHalfway To Hazard  
70's ScenarioHall And OatesRock 
Abandoned LuncheonetteHall And OatesRock 
Adult EducationHall And OatesRock 
Beanie G. And The Rose TattooHall And OatesRock 
Can't Stop The MusicHall And OatesRock 
Do It For LoveHall And OatesRock 
Fall In PhiladelphiaHall And OatesRock 
Family ManHall And OatesRock 
Goodnight And GoodmorningHall And OatesRock 
Had I Known You Better ThenHall And OatesRock 
I Can't Go For That (No Can Do)Hall And OatesRock 
I Want To Know You For A LongHall And OatesRock 
I'm Just A Kid (Don't Make Me)Hall And OatesRock 
I'm SorryHall And OatesRock 


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