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Title Artist Genre Year
A Deeper LoveC And C Music FactoryDisco 
Boriqua AnthemC And C Music FactoryDisco 
Do You Wanna Get FunkyC And C Music FactoryDisco 
Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)C And C Music FactoryDisco 
Here We GoC And C Music FactoryDisco 
I've Got The PowerC And C Music FactoryDisco 
Things That Make You Go HmmmC And C Music FactoryDisco 
Everything Is AlrightC J Lewis  
One Night With YouC Note  
Wait Till I Get HomeC Note  
WepaC Note  
Spanish FlyC Note Ft. Mangu  
Money Round HereC Ride  
SuspirannoC Zappulla  
Do You Wanna Get FunkyC+C Music Factory 1994
Gonna Make You SweatC+C Music Factory 1990
Keep It Comin (Dance Till You Can t Dance No More!)C+C Music Factory 1992
Things That Make You Go Hmmmm...C+C Music Factory 1991
Here We GoC+C Music Factory/F. Williams 1991
Myspace FreakC-Side  
Boyfriend/GirlfriendC-Side Featuring Keyshia Cole 2008
Sugar Is SweeterC.J. Bolland  
The ProphetC.J. Bolland  
ConvoyC.W. Mccall  
ConvoyC.W. McCall 1975
Old Home Filler-Up An' Keep On-A-Truckin' CafeC.W. McCall 1974
There Won't Be No Country Music (There Won't Be No Rock 'N' Roll)C.W. McCall 1976
Wolf Creek PassC.W. McCall 1975
Minnie The MoocherCab Calloway  
Star To FallCabin Crew  


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