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Title Artist Genre Year
A Deeper LoveC And C Music FactoryDisco 
Boriqua AnthemC And C Music FactoryDisco 
Do You Wanna Get FunkyC And C Music FactoryDisco 
Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)C And C Music FactoryDisco 
Here We GoC And C Music FactoryDisco 
I've Got The PowerC And C Music FactoryDisco 
Things That Make You Go HmmmC And C Music FactoryDisco 
Everything Is AlrightC J Lewis  
One Night With YouC Note  
Wait Till I Get HomeC Note  
WepaC Note  
Spanish FlyC Note Ft. Mangu  
Money Round HereC Ride  
SuspirannoC Zappulla  
Myspace FreakC-Side  
Sugar Is SweeterC.J. Bolland  
The ProphetC.J. Bolland  
ConvoyC.W. Mccall  
Minnie The MoocherCab Calloway  
Star To FallCabin Crew  
Stranded In The JungleCadets  
Peanut Butter And JellyCadillac Don And J-Money  
Piece Of GlassCaedmon's Call  
It's Not The Fall That HurtsCaesars  
Jerk It OutCaesars  
LocomotaraCafe' Tacuba  
Ain't No Rest For The WickedCage The Elephant  
Around My HeadCage The Elephant  
Back Against The WallCage The Elephant  


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