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Title Artist Genre Year
Cherry Bomb1 Plus 1Christian/Gospel 
Beautiful10 YearsMetal 
Fix Me10 YearsMetal 
Shoot It Out10 YearsMetal 
So Long Goodbye10 YearsMetal 
Through The Iris10 YearsMetal 
Wasteland10 YearsMetal 
A Campfire Song10,000 ManiacsRock 
Because The Night10,000 ManiacsRock 
Candy Everybody Wants10,000 ManiacsRock 
Cherry Tree10,000 ManiacsRock 
Circle Dream10,000 ManiacsRock 
City Of Angels10,000 ManiacsRock 
Don't Talk10,000 ManiacsRock 
Dust Bowl10,000 ManiacsRock 
Eat For Two10,000 ManiacsRock 
Eden10,000 ManiacsRock 
Few And Far Between10,000 ManiacsRock 
Gold Rush Brides10,000 ManiacsRock 
Gun Shy10,000 ManiacsRock 
Hateful Hate10,000 ManiacsRock 
Headstrong10,000 ManiacsRock 
Hey Jack Kerouac10,000 ManiacsRock 
How You've Grown10,000 ManiacsRock 
I'm Not The Man10,000 ManiacsRock 
If You Intend10,000 ManiacsRock 
Jezebel10,000 ManiacsRock 
Jubilee10,000 ManiacsRock 
Like The Weather10,000 ManiacsRock 
More Than This10,000 ManiacsRock 
My Sister Rose10,000 ManiacsRock 
Noah's Dove10,000 ManiacsRock 
Peace Train10,000 ManiacsRock 
Please Forgive Us10,000 ManiacsRock 
Poison In The Well10,000 ManiacsRock 
Stockton Gala Days10,000 ManiacsRock 
The Big Parade10,000 ManiacsRock 
The Lion's Share10,000 ManiacsRock 
The Painted Desert10,000 ManiacsRock 
These Are Days10,000 ManiacsRock 
Tolerance10,000 ManiacsRock 
Trouble Me10,000 ManiacsRock 
Verdi Cries10,000 ManiacsRock 
What's The Matter Here10,000 ManiacsRock 
You Happy Puppet10,000 ManiacsRock 
(Not The) Greatest Rapper1000 ClownsHip Hop/Rap1999
Dreadlock Holiday10ccRock 
I'm Not In Love10ccRock 
Rubber Bullets10ccRock 
The Things We Do For Love10ccRock 


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